gold star group

About us


A leading Turkish real estate broker company in the field of properties consultancy with a decade of experience that start to grow up with the beginnings of the rising in the Turkish real estate market and the qualitative leap that the Turkish government contributed to with a package of laws that aimed to establishing a distinguished real estate market with its own construction standards. Gold Star Group built a strong relationships with the most the biggest construction companies in Turkey, and with its professional team consisting of the finest professional engineers in the field of real estate consulting, Gold Star Group has been able to provide consultations to tens of thousands of investors who are looking to invest in the Turkish real estate market and sell hundreds of properties over the past years.

Our Vision

We seek to be the gateway for our clients to invest in Turkey, which has won wide interest in the field of investment and its own various kinds in the past years, so we are in constant development for our technical team so that we can provide the best real estate services to our dear customers in a crowded market like the Turkish market.

Why invest in Turkey?

In the field of investment, the growing market is always the most fertile environment for investments, and this applies to the Turkish market. Today, Turkey creates huge projects that support the Turkish investment environment to be the strongest market between the countries of the region and Europe, such as the third airport project, which is the most important Turkey's projects in the last two decades, moreover today, Turkey is filled with factories and workshops that have flooded Europe’s markets with their products and made the Turkish product one of the biggest competitors in the global markets. The growth figures of the Turkish economy can simply answer the most important question that every investor has in mind, Why invest in Turkey?

What does Gold Star Group recommend when purchasing a property?

The purpose lays behind buying a property is our first concern and our first question to the investor and in the light of it we offer the advice to our clients, there are properties are suitable for housing, some of them are more suitable for investment and housing at the same time and some of them are located in an area classified as a touristic area so the investor can buy a hotel apartments, for example.

What kind of properties can you invest in with us?

Apartments, villas, lands, shops, stores, there are also hotels that may exist in some projects and can be invested in.

Legal and tax advice

Real estate investment advice

Ownership consulting

Handing title deed

After-sales services

Providing investment opportunities

establishing a company in Turkey

Opening a bank account

Translating official papers

Selling of used apartments

Airport pickup

Properties management

What services does Gold Star Group provide?

We support you on your journey of investment from the moment of your arrival to Turkey at the airport until the moment you receive the title deed:

Pre-buying services:

  • Do not worry about your transportation from the airport to the hotel, we are also experts in tourism and we own the brand new tourist cars.
  • Since we have a team specialized in tourism, surely we will be by your side in choosing a comfortable place for your stay.
  • Our team is always ready to provide advice and escort you to projects that suit your requirements.

After buying services:

  • Our team is ready to extract all the official documents you need in government departments such as obtaining residency or opening a bank account.
  • Following up on the title deed obtaining process step by step until receiving it.
  • We are available at the moment of receiving the property and we ensure that it meets the terms of the contract.
  • Let's say you want to move in immediately. Do not worry, we provide every help you need, buying the furniture and opening the gas, water, electricity counters.
  • Or you want someone who manages your property for you .. well, we have a property management service, you will not worry about anything after buying
  • In case you want to get the Turkish citizenship, we provide you with the necessary papers and follow up your file until receiving it..

Why can you count on us?

Our real estate projects are carefully selected so we always strive to work with the best Turkish construction companies that have a good reputation in the market and have a strong portfolio to their real estate projects, especially those that own projects in partnership with the Turkish government, which in turn guarantees projects that participate in its construction.